Solton Leslie H 150: The Leslie’s upper horn part…

In my plan to build a portable, home-made, DIY Leslie clone (more on this later…) the upper horn rotor was a problem.

In fact it isn’t easy to home-build those 2 horns, and is even more difficult to have it spinning smoothly on the top of the driver… not that it will be impossible… but not easy at all.

The last week I found what I hope will be the solution: a Solton Leslie H 150: an old cabinet that contains only the upper rotor part. Sure it will need some restoration, but here will be the fun 😉

I won the auction at a relatively cheap level (at least for the not-US vintage leslie-hammond parts prices) and now this little (? really don’t know…) baby is traveling to the Ubi Studio.

The following photos come from the auction page:

Really I don’t know anything about this Solton H 150, and even Google looks like a little bit uninformed, so please let me know in the comments if you have any information about this cabinet