New (old) tube amp is coming

Yesterday I bought on the Bay what looks like to be an interesting tube amp.

I plan to use it to power my (soon to be restored) Leslie 16 now that the old FBT 500 looks like dead.

The new (but really old) amp is a Krundaal Davoli Tuono, an italian product from the ’60 / ’70 (more in a future post). The owner says that it’s in good working conditions, with just some soldering problems to the transistor preamp’s pots… He’s using it right now to power his Leslie so it looks like a good choice for my needs. Since it was installed directly in the Leslie it’s missing the case… possibly I’ll build a new one (or maybe I’ll just use the FBT 500 case if it will fit)…

Here are some pictures directly from the auction (when the amp will be here I’ll post more photos):